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1.5 kg Wax Injector

1.5 kg Wax Injector Aluminium tank, with heating provided by a band type heating element running right round the outside, to guarantee a uniform temperature of wax inside. Setting and temperature control with digital thermostat. Injection valve with charge reserve, to allow jets of wax without in..

2.5 kg Wax Injector

2.5 kg Wax InjectorThe cire perdue method for casting small items is widely used by goldsmiths, who need to produce wax models with perfectly uniform surfaces, with no porosity or air bubbles. In order to meet these needs, our wax injectors have been designed with advice from master goldsmiths, wi..

Eishin Auto Clamp Height Adjuster

Eishin Auto Clamp Height AdjusterIt is easy to change the height...

Eishin Digital Wax Injector

Digital Wax Injector (Eishin) CHARACTERISTICSHigh Filling Ability filling ability is very high since wax is injected after the inside of a rubber mold is vacuumized. A wax pattern with high filling ability is provided for both thin and small materials.Setting of Small Time Unit Setting..

Eishin Small Auto Clamp

Eishin Small Auto Clamp Improvement of Productivity through the Memory Function 10 combinations of set values of parameters of the primary pressure for wax injection (Press 1), secondary pressure for wax injection (Press 2), secondary pressure start time (Time), mold clamping pressure (Cl..


Masterix MI-01 Digital Wax Injector

Masterix MI-01 Digital Wax Injector Standard wax injector single workstation for single operator, equipped with tank for wax in aluminum, injection system with piston 10 cm³, color graphic touch screen 4.3", RFID reader, self-centering clamp and pump VAP14.Dimensions (LxWxH): 55x32x45 ..


Masterix MI-02 Digital Wax Injector

Masterix MI-02 Digital Wax Injector Common Process for Wax injector Standard wax Injector double workstation for single or dual operators, equipped with wax tank in aluminum, two-piston injection of 10 cm³, two color graphic  touch screen 4.3", two RFID readers, two self-centerin..


Masterix MI-03 Digital Wax Injector

Masterix MI-03 Digital Wax Injector MasterInject has built the first (in the world) fully automatic continuous cycle injector with wax injection, loading, unloading and cooling of the mould to assure costs reduction for your production and your machinery, facilitating the work for the o..

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 (1 Pages)