Dialux Polishing Compounds



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Black Dialux

Black Dialux Use the right compound for the metal that you are trying to polish It may be needed to go through 2 or 3 steps, in polishing to get the optimum result you are looking to achieve.Make sure that the parts that are being polished are smooth and clean, use the appro..

Blue Dialux

BLUE DIALUXDIALUX® brand polishing compounds originally formulated in France has been a popular polishing compound for over 50 years.Blue DIALUX® is an all around premium polishing compound formulated to give a high luster shine.DILALUX® blue can be used on all metals and chr..

Green Dialux

Green Dialux Also known as ‘Dialux Verde’. Used for the final polishing process of platinum and other hard white metals. Supplied in block form and used with a very soft mop eg. Reflex (999 AFW-AFY), Chamoise, Wool (999 AGD-AGG) or Muslin (999 CA8). he most popular line of compounds in Eur..

Grey Dialux

Grey Dialux Made by Lippert / Unipol Bar size: 4″ x 1″ x 1-1/8″  – 100mm x 25mm x 30mm Bar Weight: 120 Grams – 4 Oz. Utilizes Graded AbrasivesBlended with AdditivesLong Lasting Composition with Minimum UsageGood Adhesion to Buffing WheelsProduces..

Orange Dialux

Orange Dialux Dialux Vonex is a premium pre-polish cutting comound which can be used on hard and ferrous metals, Designed to erase small surface scratches. Dialux VORNEX  is a pre-polishing compound formulated to be used for removing and eliminating scratches and marks on..

Red Dialux

Red Dialux The most popular line of compounds used by Jewelers, Dialux rouges are renowned for the exceptional finishes they impart to precious metals. and is individually packaged in a cardboard container for cleaner handling. Green and Blue are the most popular. Feat..

White Dialux

White Dialux DIALUX WHITE (BLANC) ROUGE FOR SOFT METALS Especially formulated for gold and silversmiths. Dialux White can be used on all metals (including chrome alloys) to produce a high quality final polish. Europes most popular polishing compound. A select type of super fine abra..

Yellow Dialux

Yellow Dialux DIALUX YELLOW (JAUNE) ROUGE FOR SOFT METALSEspecially formulated for gold and silversmiths. For bright hi luster polish for soft metals such as brass, bronze, and copper.A select type of super fine abrasive/polish uniformly blended with a carrier wax. These compounds are specia..

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