Carbon Stick

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CARBON STICK THICKSTIRRING ROD GRAPHITE FOR MIXING METAL FOR USE WHEN MELTING GOLD & SILVER 5/8" Diameter x 12" Long This stirring rod is 5/8" in Diameter, for use when melting larger amounts / volume of metal. Stir your precious metals, scrap metals, while melting. The carbon rod is use..


CARBON STICK THINGRAPHITE STIRRING RODS USED FOR MELTING & MIXING MOLTEN GOLD & SILVER- Pack of 3 Pieces - 5/16" Diameter x 12" Length- Carbon rods used to stir your precious metals, scrap while melting. Graphite rod is also used to remove any impurities on the surface of the molten ..

Crystal Stick

Crystal Stick Rod is used for stirring the molten metal in order to get a good homogenous mix of the alloys in Gold, Silver, Brass as well as other metals...

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