Gas Generator for Jewelry, gold smithery and silverware


Gas Generator

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Garbarino & Titonel

H4 - Gas Genarator

The compact size, case of use and high safety make the H4 gas generator an indispensable tool for every laboratory.The principle of operation of the generator is based on the electrolytic dissociation of water to obtain hydrogen with a high purity for heat treatments in general, suitable for..

Elettronica Todescato

L/45 Mixed Gas Generator - Elettronica Todescato

Small and portable welding model, capable of producing 45 Lt/h and it is ideal for single operators.3200°C very high temperature flameSynergistically efficientBrazing: Use for small jewellery (10 g or less)Small Unit, space conscious, convenience. SpecificationGas Production45 Lt/hDemineralized Wat..

McPhy Piel

Piel Gas Generator

KEY FEATURES OF OUR PIEL SMALL-SIZED ELECTROLYZERS- Alkaline electrolysis: the most mature and robust technology on the market.- Fully integrated turnkey system.- Remote supervision and maintenance.COST CONTROL:- Low cost of the gases: approximately 5.5 kWh are required to produce 1 Nm3 of gas - con..

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