Steam Cleaner

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Eitan LSE-20/2/A Steam Cleaner

Eitan Steam Cleaner LSE-20/2/A APPLICATION For high volume , around the-clock production For the large jewellery manufacturer. Spot heating in industrial plants Computer rooms ..


Eitan LSE-6 Steam Cleaner

Eitan LSE-6 Steam CleanerA simple and effective solution for your jewelry cleaning problems. 6-liter capacity. 25 cm high X 21 width X 42 long. Light (16.5kg) and portable. High pressure stems 8 bar (120 P.SI) APLLICATIONS: ·     &..

Hoffman Steam Cleaner USA JEL-4

Hoffman Steam Cleaner USA JEL-4 Steam cleaners are an efficient and cost effective way to clean jewelry and other articles prior to platingThese units develop 70-90 PSI steam in a short timeConstructed of a stainless steel outer cabinetEssential features include a se..


Midas Steam Cleaner

The application characteristics of DS series steam cleanerA. Cleaning of high quality is the premise for quality assurance of electroplate on the ornaments surface. DS series steam cleaner is especially suitable for cleaning all kinds of ornaments with complicated design. Ornaments cleaned by steam ..

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