Strato Unic Refining

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TB1 Gold Recycling Plant (Capacity 1KG)

with our series 7 TB/ TB 15 / TB 30 and TB 60, we have developed a very successful product line. with the experience from the very well-functioning systems of this series we have now, after more than a year test run a system developed with a capacity of just one kilo. The special feature of th..

TB7 Gold Recycling Plant(5-7 kg)

TB7 Gold Recycling PlantTechnological leader in the field of recycling systems Compact, space-saving, modular recycling series Capacity: 2.5 -120 kg precious metal within 8 hours Easily extendable through modular designThe dissolving tank angled at 30° rotates. This realises an excellent mixin..

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